B-Open is now … Comidor 

We have just changed our name, but the nature of our business and services remains the same.

Reinventing Business Software

Simplifying Digital Transformation

Connecting Business and IT

Comidor Business

Low-Code Automation Solution

Comidor Cloud

 Application Development Platform

jPlaton Technology

 Multi-tier, multi-layered architecture

Comidor Business

Comidor is a Low-Code Automation Solution.

A cloud-based business platform that integrates Business Process Management, Workflow Automation, a Low-Code Framework, Digital Workspace, Process Intelligence, and Business Apps Marketplace to power Business Digital Transformation.

Comidor Cloud

Comidor Cloud provides the fastest way to build future-proof enterprise software while covering the whole spectrum of the application lifecycle.

It is a low-code application development platform that aims primarily at professional developers. You can build web and mobile applications with modern, data-driven user interfaces and enjoy one-click deployments.

Comidor Cloud is built to support Model-Driven Development (MDD) and team collaboration in order to facilitate the rapid development of advanced applications in the cloud.

jPlaton Technology

jPlaton is an integrated environment designed to develop and run multi-developer, multi-customer, multi-user, multi-session, and multi-device open applications for the Cloud.

jPlaton orchestrates the technology infrastructure to support the enterprise architecture, the applications, and data required to perform business operations, and the framework required to develop the applications and offer the digital environment for the business to run the applications from any place, using any device, within maximum security.

Your trusted Software Technology Partner
for Successful Digital Transformation

Vertical Industry Solutions


Digital Transformation Challenge.
Possible Threat or Opportunity for Growth

Today, the global business and social environment is very competitive and constantly changing, information and communications technology have developed dramatically and new technologies have emerged, while businesses often find themselves unable to keep up.

To survive and thrive, businesses must constantly find ways to innovate and differentiate themselves – to do things better, faster, and cheaper, and to engage customers in new ways. The 'digital economy' not only constitutes a possible threat but also creates excellent expansion and growth opportunities for businesses capable of making the organizational changes to transform their business model, people management, customer relations, and business processes.

Disruptive Changes in Technology raise risks in old business models but create opportunities for new ones.

Project MediLudus

The MediLudus project proposes the development of an integrated system for health care at home and the provision of suggestions for the improvement of living conditions for elderly people living alone or without constant monitoring and support at home. This system has two pillars: one relates to the use of sensors around the house and on the patient (wearables and individual wearable sensors) that constantly provide information about the activities and the patient’s clinical data, but also for the conditions at home (temperature, air quality, lighting), while the other of a local decision-making system for the empowerment and mobilization of the patient.

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