BPM for Industrial Automation

a. Client Business Challenge

The client had operations in over 10 different countries all over the world and was expanding fast in the last couple of years. It was significant that in just one year its personnel increased by 40%, causing many problems in the whole recruitment, selection, hiring and on-boarding processes. On the other hand, the client faced inconsistencies in the way sales and projects were managed in different departments of different countries.

b. Objectives

  • Standardize and design basic HR and project management processes
  • Replace existing wide spread excel sheets, used to manage entities among departments
  • Offer a single point of communication and process management
  • Integrate with CRM and ERP systems
  • Provide KPIs and advanced analytics to upper management about people’s effectiveness, productivity and profitability of projects
  • Use intelligence and machine learning on gathered data to facilitate decision making on task or project assignment and recruitment

c. Comidor Solution

A People and Project Management platform as a central point to control information in role-based access has been one of the pillars of the client’s corporate strategic objective. Personnel data, absence management, booking requests, time management, 2 or 3-step level approval of time and expenses tracked in Projects, people and project dashboards with KPIs and reporting are some of the key features of the final deliverable.

One of the basic problems was that processes had to comply with multiple countries with different legislation. Implementation of features that comply with different countries’ working environment was easy using Comidor’s agile development low-code platform. To integrate with the client’s ERP and CRM system different approaches were used: REST and SOAP web services, direct connection to other databases (SQLServer, MySQL), importing data from CSV files. The results were a unified system through which all processes can be managed, from project initiation with invoicing plan setup and resource budgeting till actual project monitoring with risk management, project, and people dashboards give real-time information that focuses on people skills, efficiency, and effectiveness.

d. Achievements

  • All HR and Project management processes were designed inside Comidor during the first year
  • Non-technical employees were able to continue testing and deploying new processes
  • Comidor was seamlessly integrated with the CRM system, reducing licensing costs up to 50%.
  • Two-way ERP integration was completed successfully, further reducing licensing costs
  • More than 1000 people were using the software after the first year, creating about 100 processes per month (50% PM and 50% HR) and reducing project cycle times
  • Using mobile devices, engineers were able to automate process initiation from their working environment
  • Comidor’s advanced skill management system was used to offer intelligent assignment suggestions in a variety of project types and tasks
  • Excel timesheets were replaced with Comidor. Consumption data was used in KPIs, monitoring employee productivity and providing predictions over the ability of people or teams to execute certain types of tasks

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