BioAssist for Heathcare


BioAssist explores state-of-the-art Cloud technologies to provide In-home Assisted Living (telehomecare) to elderly and chronically ill people. A telehomecare solution helping elderly, sick and disabled people receiving medical services while staying home using technology.

Main BioAssist Components

An innovative portal bringing hi-tech to the benefit of society.

  • Real time communication
  • Contacts Management
  • Social Networking
  • Reminders and Alerts
  • Reminders and Alerts
  • Emergency call center
  • Personal Health Record
  • Bio-signals recording-monitoring
  • Wearable devices management

BioAssist Advantages

BioAssist offers the following advantages:

  • Portability. BioAssist has been designed for the elderly and chronically ill citizens as well as their relatives and friends. The service and itscorresponding wearable devices need minimal input from the users.
  • Ease of deployment. All BioAssist wearable devices can be easily deployed with no extra requirements for installation. The sensors automatically self-calibrate to seamlessly send readings of designated vital signs to the service provider. Patient-level services are provided by a simple tablet or PC.
  • 100% availability - Real time. Vital signs measurements can be monitored continuously, allowing real-time response by physicians authorized by the service provider.
  • Reconfiguration. The BioAssist network of devices requires no fixed installation and adding or removing sensors instantly reconfigures the network. Furthermore, authorized physicians have the ability to re-target the sensors’ data processing thresholds on the fly if it’s judged necessary.

UK Offices
Studio 3.1, Bank Studios
Park Royal Road
London NW107LQ
+44 (0)20 3397 8057

Greece Offices
Laskaratou 11A
+30 2310 402 522

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