Vehicle Test Centers Solutions

Staff Availability Automation

Vehicle Test Centers (V.T.C.s) specialize in checking vehicles' components to ensure each meets the minimum standard set by the Greek Ministry of Transportation (G.M.T.) before issuing a certificate. The vehicle test is carried out to the G.M.T. guidelines and includes a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle to ensure it is in a roadworthy condition. The nominated tester is responsible for carrying out all the necessary tests, including: Gas Emissions, Fuel System, Brakes, etc.

V.T.C.s wanted to adopt a solution in order to automate the decision of selecting the most appropriate tester for each vehicle in order to avoid wasting time, swapping testers among vehicles during overhauls and of course testers overload.


  • Define testers specialty, availability and expertise
  • Input data must be prototyped and collected in standard methods
  • GUI interface must easily used via touch screen monitors
  • Testers - Users are rarely computer specialists, so components and functionality must be simple
  • Solution has to be compatible with existing software running in the business
  • Power users and administrators on the V.T.C.s side have to be attentively classified
  • Statistics and follow up information

jVTC Solution including Working Hours and Shifts Management

Using jVTC's Staff – Shifts management in compliance with tester-vehicle binding provided the automation and security for the most appropriate tester participated in a vehicle test at any time. Technical Staff education, experience, and expertise information are now gathered and grouped in automated procedures and pre-defined fields and lists. Online timetables and shifts digitalized the former paper draft schedules. Inspection testers are now assigned and available in specific timeslots during each day. Power users and admin users are able to participate and type in all the necessary info for the V.T.C. inspections and testers procedure.

The system taking into consideration the time elapsed since the latest tester's overhaul and the workload accomplished and performed by each tester decides which of the available and qualified testers of the list should be on the Top of the List. Top of the List is the tester selected to accomplish the vehicle overhaul.

The decision of selecting the most appropriate tester for each vehicle is now as simple as picking the Top of List entry. Using this knowledge base, overhaul and testers administrator can rely on the automated decision-making by the system and roll out a stress-free, equitable and reliable way for running a Vehicle Test Center.

Shifts management, Staff expertise, education skills, Completed tests, Vehicle – Tester binding, Future appointments, and information analytics provide a powerful tool to the management for organizing the workload, going digital, and expanding.


  • Staff educational and former experience data were collected, analysed and organised
  • Testers' expertise information was gathered, grouped and stored in a way to be easily presented and available
  • Test Centers organised and followed shift scheduling in a strategic manner
  • Touch screens functionality provides easy information access and no time loss
  • Intelligent methods were used to produce and notify testers for the next scheduled vehicle
  • Workload is now spread among testers in a productive process
  • Top of the List decision making accomplished smooth and automated workflow
  • Test Centers' managers take advantage of information analytics and reporting, optimising testers' shifts, future overhaul appointments

Real-Time Monitoring

Additionally, the Real-Time Monitoring app offers the functionality described as follows. Information for the vehicles is filtered based on the different phases of a technical inspection:

  • info on vehicles just initializing the process of technical inspection (phase 1),
  • info on vehicles being inspected,
  • info on photographic material collected during technical inspection,
  • info on vehicles’ characteristics (Taxi, Motorcycle, heavy truck, etc.),

and finally combined to provide a monitoring list that presents on a TV screen real-time info on the technical inspection procedure.

The screen monitor refreshes data on a certain time basis and states all technical inspection status is clearly noted by icons and visual indications on the screen monitor. The monitor refreshes automatically on a time basis and a vehicle is excluded, when the technical inspection is over, or a significant time period is elapsed, and no progress is made.

Campaign Management for Customer Contact Process

Contact Campaigns is the absolute tool to organize and successfully complete the Customer contact processes. The enterprise can use ready (on-the-self) campaigns models or create its own campaigns.

Campaigns can be divided into 2 major categories:

  • Campaigns based on Technical Inspections deadlines, or
  • General Campaigns based on custom filters (e.g. vehicle make and model campaigns, special offers campaigns, or even birthday campaigns, etc.)

In each campaign, data shown and stored relates to basic contact information (medium, campaign start, and end dates, etc.) and statistical information regarding the success of each campaign:

  • Contacts detailed information for each customer,
  • Historical contact data,
  • Contact results,
  • User Comments on each contact,
  • Historical data on technical inspections for each contact.

Documents Digitalization

During a technical inspection process, quite a few documents need to be verified and saved. Saving documents in a hard copy fashion is time-consuming, resource-consuming, and in the end really hard to search.

A Document Digitalization solution provides a quick and reliable way to have all documents scanned and safely saved on the server. Each scanned document is automatically attached to the technical inspection related.

There is no limit on the number of scanned documents, and on top of that, there is a ready-made list for document identification (i.e. list of build-in documents categories).

Cloud Solution for Marketing, Campaigns, and B2B Management

The solution provides controlled access to any inspection data including vehicles, owners, customers, results, financial data, and many more. It combines efficiency with flexibility and adaptability. Application is available to the Main Operator from any device and any location.

The cloud solution covers enterprise collaboration, document and content management, reporting and analytics, business process management, and marketing automation. It supports rich functionality and serves the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization, managing both internal daily operations and business partnerships with agencies and clients.

Appointment Management and Booking Intelligence

The system provides functionality that enables the Operator to setup monthly plans for each Vehicle Test Center according to the:

  • Working Business Hours,
  • Inspection capacity per Test Lane,
  • Inspection capacity per time slot / per day

Appointment Management includes:

  • Test Center's business hours management per each Test Center,
  • Vehicle standard validated information (vehicle data and contact master data),
  • Vehicle Inspections’ history data (history dates, test results, test center, etc),
  • Data validation procedures to eliminate user editing mistakes (car plate validation, phone numbers validation, dates and times validation, etc)
  • Comments regarding the Appointment or the Vehicle or even the Inspection.

In addition, Booking Intelligence emphasizes on the overall Appointment Bookings and Vehicle Tests performed on a Year / Month basis. It provides flexibility and agility.

Marketing Tools

Marketing tools are based on rules applied to client and vehicle data and use:

  • Time Scheduling Algorithms,
  • Campaign Templates,
  • Expiration deadlines for Technical Inspection, etc.

The solution is customized by the user who is responsible to modify and apply the rules to gather the necessary information from the Test Centers (including vehicle and contact data) and perform:

  • Correspondence letter creation (classic mail),
  • Personalized SMS / Delivery feedback,
  • Daily reporting on campaign results and success factor
  • (ROI based on campaign contacts / technical inspections)

Online Appointments

Ever since covid-19 restrictions, booking an appointment has been necessary for all outdoor activities. Setting up a solution with the ability to book an appointment online was an absolute must.

This solution is available and can be customized to your needs, timetable, working hours, staff availability, etc. Each VTC station can be organized and accommodate the online appointments feature for convenient and agile functionality.

Connecting your website directly to your appointment scheduling is included in the solution. Once you set up your working days and hours, you are ready to go online.

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