BPM for Telecommunications

a. Client Business Challenge

One of the biggest telecommunication companies in the UK faced difficulties in streamlining and automating ticketing processes to IT departments and organizing the project management of requirements’ implementation.

Another challenge was the unification of all third-party systems, which included 5 different ticketing software, many excel sheets, external reporting tools. It is important to mention that each department had the freedom to select and adhere to its own software, so the company had ended up with hundreds of software performing the same operations.

b. Objectives

  • Analyze the operations performed depending on tickets received and the responsible teams
  • Design / assign the workflows with secure team or user access rights.
  • Integrate with Redmine, Jira, Spark, Sharepoint, Slack and Clarity ERP
  • Integrate with custom apps available in Excel sheets
  • Provide two ways of managing projects. A rule based project management using workflows and another based on agile methodology using Kanban boards and team collaboration
  • Extensive reporting required by upper management to track bottlenecks and calculate team efficiency
  • Software should include resource allocation capabilities, showing current resource capacity allocation and offer predictions and suggestions for future projects
  • Software should have strong security features and should pass penetration testing performed by the company’s network department

c. Comidor Solution

After consecutive interviews with a number of key users and teams, processes were designed using the workflow designer. Due to the complexity of business rules and flow conditions, almost all workflow facilities (from gateways to automated emails and events) were used. Comidor’ s agile organizational chart helped in many cases where virtual groups of users belonging to different departments were assigned requirements and had to collaborate in the scope of a particular project.

Project requirements, deliverables, and schedule were well represented and real-time view of all active projects, give managers the option to know at any time, in which phase the Project is, which tasks have been performed and from whom. Comidor’s built-in risk management system automated RAG status change based on the project manager’s rules. Tickets, emails, files and financial data are gathered from more than 5 different systems using REST / SOAP web services and direct database views. All information is integrated into one single view, providing the whole picture to users, who need to resolve issues or develop new services.

d. Achievements

  • More than 20 ticketing service processes the workflow designer during the first year of implementation
  • More than 10 project types were represented either as strictly defined processes using business rules to lead the flow of tasks or as unstructured processes using agile team organization with Kanban, instant messaging and team meetings System has reduced operations complexity and costs, as users are able to resolve issues or develop new services faster.
  • Using low-code all excel sheet applications were easily transformed in Comidor applications Client’s employees were trained in process design and low-code and were able to maintain the existing applications
  • All ticketing systems were successfully integrated, automating implementation of requests through Comidor BPM
  • An intelligent notification system informs engineers for incoming requests and escalates to management
  • With ERP integration, upper management has a unified software to monitor projects and issues
  • Gathered data offer a pool of machine learning, which can facilitate decision making for future tickets flow and project assignments
  • All modules have passed mobile and web penetration testing, offering a robust web based solution

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